From Shy to Strong


Samantha was Shy and Timid

What's Changed:

  • Parents wanted Samantha to be able to stand up for herself because of her size.

  • Parents wanted an activity with which Samantha could socialize with other kids.

  • Samantha began training Jiu Jitsu at the academy.


Much more confident and outgoing. She has made many friends at the academy and has grown physically stronger!


Bordentown, NJ

From 235lbs. to 175 lbs. in 9 months!!!


235 lbs., Low Energy, Content, Out Of Shape

What's Changed:

  • He joined after his daughter’s began training.

  • He wanted to find the younger version of himself.

  • He wanted to prove to himself that he can still do whatever he sets his mind to.


Dan now weighs an AMAZING 175 pounds, has found the energy of his youth, and is crushing his goals!


Roebling, NJ

Becoming Confident


Landon was struggling with Bullying which resulted in a lack of confidence in himself.

What's Changed:

  • Teammates and coaches that supported him

  • Coaches that believed in his capability

  • Acceptance of who he is as an individual


Landon is now strong, confident, and has created so many friendships in the academy with peers and coaches. He graduated from the youth program to the adult program and has risen to the challenge!


Bordentown, NJ

We are not born with
self-defense skills.
Will you learn them?

We do not get to choose when and where we may need to protect ourselves. But we do get to choose if we will be ready! It is our responsibility to develop the skills that will protect ourselves and our kids.

  • Our 12-month program provides the instruction, guidance, and techniques that your success requires

  • We provide accountability to keep you on track

  • Guaranteed Results

What Clients Say About Us

Matakas BJJ has been an amazing experience for my daughter. I can't say enough about this family-oriented academy and their dedicated coaches. If want your child to learn to defend themselves, go see for yourself and sit in on a class.



Mother of 8 year old in our Youth Program

Jane Doe

Matakas Jiu Jitsu is world class. I have traveled around and visited many Jiu Jitsu academies and MBJJ is by far the best in my opinion. Phenomenal teaching, clean facilities, a welcoming community and a friendly goal-oriented culture. MBJJ is great for beginners and all skill levels. I highly recommend visiting.



Adult Student

Jane Doe

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